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mary123 Oct 26 '17
LONDON -- Medical data from some of the worlds leading athletes has been posted to the web and the World Anti-Doping Agency says Russians are to blame. NFL Jerseys For Sale . Even the hackers seem to agree, adopting the name Fancy Bears -- a moniker long associated with the Kremlins electronic espionage operations.But as cybersecurity experts pore over the hackers digital trail, theyre up against a familiar problem. The evidence has been packed with possible red herrings -- including registry data pointing to France, Korean characters in the hackers code and a server based in California.Anybody can say they are anyone and its hard to disprove, said Jeffrey Carr, the chief executive of consulting firm Taia Global and something of a professional skeptic when it comes to claims of state-backed hacking.Many others in the cybersecurity industry see the WADA hack as a straightforward act of Russian revenge, but solid evidence is hard to find.IOC President Thomas Bach said Friday he will ask Russian authorities for help to stop the hackers.Bach said the IOC will help WADA including communicating with the Russian authorities, to underline the seriousness of the issue and request all possible assistance to stop the hackers.This is an unacceptable and outrageous breach of medical confidentiality that attempts to smear innocent athletes who have not committed any doping offense, said Bach.Whats known is that it was only days after scores of Russian athletes were banned from the Olympic Games that suspicious looking emails began circulating . Purporting to come from WADA itself, the booby trapped messages were aimed at harvesting passwords to a sensitive database of drug information about athletes worldwide. Among other things, the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System carries information about which top athletes use otherwise-banned substances for medical reasons -- prize information for a spurned Olympic competitor seeking to embarrass its rivals.On Sept. 1 someone registered a website titled Fancy Bears Hack Team. A few days later, a Twitter account materialized carrying a similar name. Just after midnight Moscow time on Sept. 13, the Fancy Bears Twitter account came alive, broadcasting the drugs being taken by gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles, seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams and other U.S. Olympians. It followed up Thursday with similar information about the medication used by British cyclists Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, among many others.There is no suggestion any of the athletes broke any rules, but Russians seized on the leak as evidence that U.S. and British players were using forbidden drugs with the blessing of anti-doping officials.Hypocrisy Russias embassy to London tweeted in reaction to the news. Kremlin channel RT broadcast a cartoon showing a WADA official picking up a bulky American players steroid bottle with a smile. All good! Youre cleared to compete! he says.Citing law enforcement sources, WADA said the attacks are originating out of Russia. Russian officials dismissed the allegation; in an email, WADA said it wouldnt be commenting further.With little to go on, independent investigators have still made some intriguing connections.Virginia-based intelligence firm ThreatConnect said that whoever compromised WADA did so using websites registered through an obscure domain name company that also set up the fake sites used in a variety of other hacks blamed on the Kremlin, including the one that hit the Democratic National Committee. In a telephone interview, the companys chief intelligence officer, Rich Barger said he had been cautious at first about tying the WADA breach to Russian hackers but that confidence is certainly growing as more and more people weigh in and lend their voice.Even the meaning of the name Fancy Bears is unclear. California-based threat intelligence firm CrowdStrike has long applied that nickname to an allegedly Russian state-backed group, but the hackers adoption isnt necessarily a brazen acknowledgement of CrowdStrikes research. It might be an attempt to hold it up to ridicule. Which interpretation the group favors hasnt been made clear. Repeated messages to email addresses associated with Fancy Bears have gone unreturned.Fancy Bears website doesnt necessarily provide any more insight. Some its artistry appears to have been lifted from a Russian clip art page. But tech podcaster Vince Tocce also found Korean script in the sites code -- characters which vanished shortly after he made his discovery public . In a telephone interview, he said that showed how difficult it was to take anything for granted.Some pieces of Fancy Bears infrastructure were almost certainly structured to sow confusion.The site, for example, appears to be hosted in California but was registered at an address in the town of Pomponne, east of Paris, under the name Jean Guillalime.A man residing at that address, Jean-Francois Guillaume, told The Associated Press the registry information was bogus and that he was mystified as to why the hackers had picked on him.I have absolutely nothing to do with this, he said, adding that he ran a consulting shop and a flower business and wasnt particularly interested in sports. I dont know any Russians, he said. NFL Jerseys From China . JOHNS, N. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping . Reassurance came from Paul Tesori, his caddie and close friend whose newborn son is in intensive care in a Florida hospital. "Paul sent me a text this morning, just told me he loved me and wanted to go out and fight as hard as I would any other day," Simpson said Sunday after doing just that. . "Trying to breathe," he said with a grin. Bernier stopped 42 of 43 shots on Monday night, including all 22 in a hectic middle frame, his heroic performance propelling the Leafs toward an undue point in their final game before the Christmas break. He was not, perhaps, the swing bowler that many in the Lords crowd had hoped to see, but Chris Woakes continued his breakthrough summer with another performance of skill and maturity.Woakes, with his fourth career-best performance of a Test season that may come to define him, ensured England ended the first day of the series with their noses in front. On a slow, flat wicket, anything less than 350 might well leave Pakistan precariously placed in this match.Not only did Woakes have the quickest average speed of Englands seamers - a familiar statistic since he came back into the side in South Africa - but he conceded the fewest boundaries and offered the most threat. Gaining more life from the surface than any of his colleagues, Woakes also gained more movement and demonstrated the patience required to prosper on a docile surface. Comfortable in the dressing room and growing in confidence by the match, he is now starting to replicate his county form for his country on a consistent basis.Offered another opportunity at this level by injury to Ben Stokes, Woakes has taken his chance admirably. Having twice posted Test-best scores against Sri Lanka, he also recorded his best match analysis in Durham and has followed it with his best innings analysis here. His Test bowling average is now below that of Stokes and he must have given himself an excellent opportunity of retaining his place when Stokes returns.While Woakes has, of late, appeared to be in competition with Stokes, it is James Anderson who he most resembles as a bowler. And, while he is some way short of replicating that armoury of skills, he does offer hope that England have a decent fall back for life after Anderson.If it was his extra pace that accounted for Shan Masood - drawn into an unwise flirt outside off stump - it was his swing that accounted for Asad Shafiq. Shafiq, perhaps the most technically correct of Pakistans batsmen and certainly the one who plays straightest, was unsettled by a delivery that left him sharply and then found himself, unsure whether to play or leave, being drawn into an edge off the next delivery at he tried to withdraw the bat.But Woakes success was a bright spot in a day that, for England, offered as many reasons for concern as celebration. Primarily there must be a real danger that their captain, Alastair Cook, will miss the second Test while two more chances were dropped in the slips and two bowlers, Steven Finn and Moeen Ali, endured the sort of chastening days that will concern the selectors.Englands over-rate slipped way behind the required pace here. There were still 11 overs to bowl when 6pm came and three were lost when play was called-off at 6.30pm. Quite apart from the fact that spectators are being short-changed by Englands slow over-rate - if you paid £90 for a bottle of wine and a waiter took a slug before pouring it, you would be entitled to ask for your money back - Cook is also running the risk of a suspension.The ICCs regulations (Appendix 2, section 4.2 of the ICCs Code of Conduct) state that, for a second offence within 12-months in the same format - England were also penalised after the Ashes Test at The Oval - the captain should be fined 20% of their match fee for each over short and be suspended for the next international match. While the over-rate is only judged after a complete Test - meaning England have time to make amends - there is a real danger that Cook could be suspended for the Old Trafford Test. He has previously been suspended from an ODI in Sri Lanka for the same offence.Cooks problem is, in part, that he can hardly bowl Moeen against Misbah-ul-Haq. So complete is Misbahs maastery against spin in general and Moeen in particular that, after a couple of expensive Moeen overs, England relied upon their four seamers for all but two of the first 68 overs before Cook was obliged to re-introduce Moeen to combat the over-rate issue. China Jerseys Wholesale. .While a first day pitch at Lords in unlikely to flatter many spinners - especially spinners bowling against Misbah - Moeens continuing struggles cannot be ignored. Since the start of 2016, he has played six-and-a-half Tests and taken five wickets at an average of 119. Yes, he has played on some unhelpful surfaces but, by conceding an average of 3.58 runs per over, he has also struggled to provide the holding role required. His place for the next Test must be in jeopardy.The same is true of Finn. Despite a typically whole-hearted effort, trying to extract bounce from a docile wicket with a prolonged spell of short-pitched bowling, Finn lacked the requisite rhythm or control and conceded more than four-an-over. His pitch map was more mountain range than mountain and, despite an average pace lower than either Woakes or Ball, he bowled almost as many deliveries outside leg stump as off. For much of the day, as he struggled with the slope, he looked like a man who had never previously bowled at Lords; an odd state of affairs for a fellow on his home ground.In an ideal world, England would like to bear with him, providing the support and patience required to help him rediscover his form and confidence. But Anderson is expected to be available for Manchester; Stokes, too. Someone has to make way and it is becoming hard to justify an argument where that man is not Finn.Neither of the two slip chances that went down were simple. But, on a docile surface, they were the sort of moments that can shape games: Hafeez was reprieved on 11 and Misbah on 16. On both occasions, the ball flew low and to the left of the fielders. They were desperately tough chances.But we have seen them taken. And we have, perhaps, seen a couple of the balls that flew wide of third slip taken, too. Remember the Stokes wonder-catch at Trent Bridge?Might it be relevant that James Vince was the guilty man on one occasion here? Vince has now been offered six catching chances - nearly all of them really tricky - in his brief Test career and dropped four of them. Suffice to say, Stokes return to the cordon cannot come soon enough.But what of the pitch? Anyone coming to Lords and expecting a track offering much pace and bounce has not watched much cricket here in recent years and, to be fair to the groundstaff, it cannot have been easy to produce a perfect surface given the sustained wet weather in England in recent weeks. It wasnt great, offering little to batsman, bowler or spectator, but weve seen far worse and this was a largely engrossing day.It is ironic, though, that the MCCs cricket committee continue to pontificate about the global game without tending to the problem in their own yard. The pitch at Lords has been sluggish for years. What might have been fine a generation ago looks arcane in the age of T20. If the MCC are serious about combating the dangers to the future of Test cricket they could do a lot worse than focus their attention into potential technological advancements in pitch preparation: drop-in surfaces, artificial heating all offer more help to Test cricket, at least, than limiting the size of bats. The expression about removing the plank from their own eye before worrying about the sawdust in everyone elses springs to mind. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '