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lily Jan 14
Burst."Is a bullet again, the Teng green mountain avoids being seen to cannot compare with, while a side still have'ground body machine'many Er Ges especially Luo's man this terrible monster attack come over.
  "It isn't good."
  The belly moment of the Teng green mountain is soft waste cotton, the bullet shoots win the moment of belly, one is sturdy inside strength shake, the bullet strength unloads go to seven cent, at the same time muscle this earthquake, hard like steel plate, bullet warhead simply drive card therein, and then drive muscle extrude.Teng green mountain I am then a sheet iron bridge, the hands are anti- to button up a ground, the whole individual like visit Long Fan Lang, fiercely flee part.
  Not Sun Ze Lian in the distance up peep out a silk to sneer at.
  Then the Russian big fellow in"ha ha ……" cachinnation writes and hurtles to kill toward Teng green mountain.
  "It is by this time."The Teng green mountain body form turns again to that peach tree in the courtyard side, the left and right hands is each to grasp a handle to fly knife, the look in the eyes becomes a gloomy grief, two handles fly knife to sell at the same time but, respectively once rowed the track of an iciness, once wore space, to Sun Ze and many Er Ges especially Luo's man shoot.
  Sun Ze sneers at, toward this shoot to come of fly knife to hit one gun.
  The list talks about gun Shu, Sun Ze can absolutely before the whole world rank ten, a gun shoots medium fly knife, this is the light loose affair.
  Russian big fellow in"hum~~"'many Er Ges especially Luo's man'send out a deep and low roaring cry, take the right boxing of metal boxing set to fiercely hit to fly knife toward that.
  The Teng green mountain vision You is cold and deep, concealed have one silk grief, Best Hunting Knife that infusion flies knife in two handles in of inside strength, then unimaginable unclear with Teng green mountain the mood has contact.
  When that handle fly knife to bump shot with bullet, there is no circumstance that object touch flies knife under, that flies knife to unexpectedly and uncannily crack into 78 pieces of iron slice, these 78 pieces of ground crack of steel fragment the track just a little change and unexpectedly remain shot into Sun Ze by the most rapid degree.That bullet nature is to shoot empty.
  "Not-" Sun Ze's facial expression greatly changes.
  He originally and Teng green mountain also mutually was apart from not enough ten meterses, the Teng green mountain tossed to fly knife, his morrow in a twinkling opened fire and was to fly knife ground crack, was apart from him also two meters were or so.
  Two meters distance with fly the speed that the knife fragment shoots, this kind of suddenly variety, Sun Ze also just nerve just responded to come over, flew knife fragment already arrive his at present.
  Fly the foot in the knife fragment to there are 3 slices directly shooting to wear Sun Ze's face, project from the back of the head hull.
  "E ……" Sun Ze still has in the eyes hard believe, but the morrow is then gloomy to lose brilliance, Best Hunting Knife the whole individual is soft to pour in the ground.
  Dark one of 52 s class cutthroats in the world, gossip Zhang strong-'dead shot'Sun Ze, dead!
  Inside strong in the house, this face generally defendoofs a lowest place, unless is to attain respected master state, whole body have no weakness.Be like Sun Ze, non-arrival respected master state, certainly is certain to die.
  "Peng."Russian big fellow'many Er Ges especially Luo's man'suffered a same dangerous situation, can he controls breath but much better, because he impede fly knife is the right boxing for using, but the left boxing is a habitual to block in the face.When the ground crack is flying knife, there are two slices of fragments to shot into his face, he uses a that left hand that takes a boxing set big palm and easily holds up.
  The Russian big fellow in"you, you ……" sees toward the partner that a side has already departed from this life, shocked must looking at a Teng green mountain.
  On the Teng green mountain face but finally peeped out one silk smiling face.
  Especially"monkey, monkey ……" many Er Ges Luo's man looking at Sun Ze's corpse, "fly knife, fly knife how can ground?"
  A handle flies knife, does without any cause oneself crack?
  The Teng green mountain looking at this Russian big fellow, but is dark loose in the heart one breath.
  At the beginning organize war in the base inner part in the red, alone arouse a war with numerous cutthroats, double boxing difficult enemy's four hands, see and be laid siege to till death.In the life and death edge, in the despair gloomy mindset, oneself unexpectedly discovered, that kind of under the special mood, to surroundings world under the special feeling Wu, can with project to fly knife in of'inside strength'have strange of one silk contact.