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hush aklhf Jan 14
DXN Code Strike lower price point but you know that is the allure of Tata they are a luxury skincare brand people love to feel that luxury and Nikki gets that coin so I'm not surprised after that I go in with this sends this stuff is so bomb I rub some on my fingers and then I sort of start massaging it in in circular motions this moisturizer it fell to the floor this morning okay I don't know that moisturizer let me look at it real quick I'm gonna look at these ingredients and see what I think it's called Senza sweet moist okay so she's an affiliate not a bad thing just putting that out there she has a disclaimer at the bottom saying Methvin OTT sponsored by anyone but okay so it's 35 euros that's not too bad for a skincare product I'm just interested in the ingredients what are the ingredients wait do they not list the ingredients online oh no no they're not gonna do us like this okay well they're not on this website let me search it right now and see if I can find it somewhere else because this is rude this