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Soccer balls are the integral part of any soccer game. It is the ball behind which eleven players of each team tussle with each other in order to score more. There are huge numbers of soccer fans that play this game at different levels like club Jan Vertonghen Jersey , interstate, school, domestic Hugo Lloris Jersey , national & international level. Men, women & kids all play this game with full zeal & enthusiasm. Some play this for fun, some to remain fit while some has dream to become professional footballer.

The guidelines are issued regarding the dimension of the soccer ball. These are issued as per the ages of the players. For soccer players up to the age of 8 years the prescribed size of the ball is 3 and has circumference of 23-24 inches & weight of 11 ounce. For players between the ages of 8 to 12 years the official size is 4 with circumference of 25 to 26 inches & weight of 12 ounce. For players that are more than 12 years old Harry Winks Jersey , standard size of the ball is 5, with 28 inches circumference & 16 ounce weights.

It is a very popular saying that there is engineering behind everything. The same fact is true about soccer balls. Let us now discuss these scientific facts which manufacturers keep in their mind while developing their balls. The main parts of these balls include covering, lining Harry Kane Jersey , bladder, stitching & color combination. These are very essential in offering durability along with resistance to withstand harsh playing conditions.

Covering is the upper layer of the ball. The main material that is widely used in developing these is the synthetic leather. It is basically a hydro-carbon compound technically known as poly-ethane. The pure leather has the property to absorb water molecules in it, making the ball heavier in weight. This is the general reason of not using the pure leather as covering material of the ball. Owing to the fact that synthetic leather doesn’t absorb water Georges-Kevin N'Koudou Jersey , it is a preferred material for creating covering.

The second thing portion of the ball is lining. It comprises of several that are placed in between covering & bladder. The most popular material that is a preferential choice as lining is nylon. It is basically a polymer and offers bounce to the ball. It also offers resistance to ball from harsh playing conditions & prevents this from bursting.

Stitching is also very important in order to offer durability & reliability to the ball. Polyester chord is the best known material that certainly enhances the life of the ball.
Bladder is also of utmost importance when we write about balls of soccer. It holds air inside it making this the most important part of balls. These are developed with latex or butyl so that it can offer great surface tension in order to hold air for longer duration.

Last but not least, is the color combination of the outer covering. The promotional soccer balls are specifically designed in special color patterns so that these can offer perfect visibility to players during the game. We all know that our eyes perfectly respond to certain wavelengths only. So outer covering is specially designed in those wavelengths so that players have full visibility while playing.
So we can infer from the above facts that there is engineering behind everything & soccer playing balls are no exception to these.

A loss of libido in men that persists for few months is a serious condition. This can happen due to underlying medical problem or it can a psychological condition where the misunderstanding or clashes with partner can reduce interest in lovemaking. Physical problems can also cause it which involves diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac conditions where the person fails to have proper control over the organ. This can lead to a kind of erotic dissatisfaction. If the condition of low libido is causing a sense of dissatisfaction it can be cured by taking right kind of remedy and changing certain lifestyle patterns. Taking holistic treatment is believed to be effective in reducing the symptoms of low libido in men. Herbal remedies for low libido problem involves the use of Booster capsule and Mast Mood oil which are powerful natural products rich in rare bio-active compounds and these together can bring amazing improvement in mood Fernando Llorente Jersey , motivation and increase sexual stamina in men.

Basically, the problem of depression is not same as other emotional conditions. Sometimes men suffer from depression where they are fed up for a short while of everything they do. There can be the symptoms of serious depression where the person feels an extreme level of sadness and this can last for many days. These feelings can interfere with normal conjugal behavior of a person and this can cause low libido. This psychological behavior may or may not improve on taking medications. Herbal remedies for low libido problem are made up of natural ingredients where the herbs or plant-based compounds help the body in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Older men also suffer from the symptoms of low libido which happens because of low testosterone production in the body. The symptoms of low testosterone are depression fatigue and low sex drive. The person may not have fantasies and many take a long time to initiate lovemaking. Rather the person tries to avoid the partner, especially when the partner is interested in lovemaking.

The medications for high blood pressure Erik Lamela Jersey , fits, certain medicines which are used to treat the condition of psychosis or medicines which are combined with contraceptive pills can interfere with normal endocrine flow in body and cause a reduction in the production of testosterone.

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