WoW Classic is something I want to do


Date & time Dec 30 '19
World of Warcraft
Creator Langsthe

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Video games are not addictive. Otherwise, anyone is easy to be cheated and has read a so-called expert in the study of garbage science.

As a former smoker, I can say unambiguously that my desire to play World of Warcraft (or any other video game) is totally different from my desire to smoke while still smoking.

WoW Classic is something I want to do, even a lot of things I want to do. But it's not a physical need to smoke. Buy WoW Gold also has a lot of fun.

But it's fun. We tend to do what we think is interesting. We like doing interesting things in particular and then find things that we don't think are fun. So when someone plays World of Warcraft instead of doing a class, it's not because they're addicted It's because they prefer to play World of Warcraft first and then do their homework.

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