Being GMT in Maplestory M Mesos the


Date & time Aug 14 '19
Creator mmogowow

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Being GMT in Maplestory M Mesos the description or even the news post or the forum articleI stored them to open them because theyd have filled my stock with scrolls yesterdaybut alas nexon is too hard to conduct on a line of code and delete the items during maintenance rather they would rather put new boxes for a brand new patch in before the patch


really happens Likewise with all the Vth job quests that are available but nonfunctional for  hours before care because again nexon is idle and incompetentUsually I take break from maple because its a bad addiction and I am having too much fun but this time youve destroyed an whole event for the casual players youre attempting to

bring back I will make certain to verbally denounce your business to everyone I know who has any interest in playing with a nexon game ever again I dont believe games a waste of time when I enjoy myself and feel honored by the programmers but nexon actually wasted my time wth this dreadful eventI wouldnt have played I thought


those boxes would be rewarding and I received no substantial reward for playing weekly There might also have been no occasion whatsoever for me Clearly nexon does not appreciate my patronage A day  opened The reason I stocked up was because of meso sacks potential scorlls and gold stamps I would have been out of use

inventory in  minutes when I opened them all earlier and with no inventory I cant pick up more boxes and keep enjoying the eventTHe event was put up in a terrible way that obligated one to save boxes till the previous day in the event that you Maplestory M Mesos for sale wanted the genuine rare stuff Since Im not gon na bother with job the nodestones honestly

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