How to link your Elder Scrolls Online account to your Steam account


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Today, we will show you how to link your Elder Scrolls Online account to your Steam account. Steam will be the ultimate product of the Internet platform, making it less troublesome for players to play games. On the other hand, Elder Scrolls Online is available and played via Steam or a standalone app.
If you get the current ESO version on Steam and even use your Steam account to link your ESO account, you can do this by launching Steam. However, if you did not purchase ESO through Steam, you will need to ESO Gold For Sale obtain a new copy of the operation on the Steam platform before deciding to continue.

How to link your ESO and Steam accounts
Before proceeding, make sure you have the correct version of Steam. If not, you will need to update your gaming platform. Besides, it's a good idea to temporarily disable anti-virus programs to counter conflicts during the link process.

Follow these steps to link your ESO and Steam accounts together:
Start Steam and navigate to the Steam library.
Now select Elder Scrolls Online and click Play.
On the login screen, find the "I generate an existing PC / Mac Elder Scrolls Online account" menu.
Now enter your ESO user ID and password to log in.
In the connection confirmation window, choose Accept.

Note: You can only link one ESO account to your Steam account.
Finally, you should be able to ESO Gold launch ESO games through the Steam library without problems. Share your knowledge about our Steam game by posting a comment below.

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