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The Rocket League is currently in two different celebrations. The Radical Summer event has now lasted for a month and is the end of the anniversary celebration that officially held on July 7th. Psyonix said that technically it is still the birthday week of the Rocket League, because it is only a few days after the actual date and still celebrate with another free game weekend, and this weekend has begun.

This week's free weekend started on July 10th and continued until July 15th. Not every platform can participate in a free weekend because it only works for users on the Xbox One and PC. Xbox Live Gold also be required to play, but if you meet all of these requirements, you can try the Rocket League for the first time or try again until Monday.

As the current Rocket League players already know, it's time to enter the game and see what it can offer. That's because the Radical Summer event is underway, especially in the cultural part of the 80s. It includes the Spike Rush mode, which had become a famous player and in-game Rocket League Items, reminiscent of the 80s, all of which can be offered by July 22nd, when the event focused on different aspects of the 80s.

"This is the best time to see all the content in the summer, especially the Radical Summer game," Psyonix said of the free weekend. "Our 80s theme game activity is in full swing. Earn cassettes through online contests and redeem them into unique in-game items inspired by the 80s culture. Jump into casual, competitive and extra modes, or try new time-limited modes, Spike Rush If you decide to purchase the Rocket League during or after the free weekend, then any Rocket League Crates you receive from the free weekend continue into the full game."

Vigorous summer activities continued until August 12th, so if you have never played Rocket League for some reason and found this to be something you are interested in after the free week, you can continue to the next event.

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