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Date & time Jun 12
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At its E3 2019 press conference, Ubisoft revealed the previously leaked three-on-three sports event Roller Champions. But for those who already know the virtual wheel derby, the company still has a neat surprise: the limited E3 timed online demo version of the game is now free to download and play.

Based on the half-hour time to play the game before the meeting, we strongly recommend anyone who has a Windows PC and UPlay game launcher and affinity for the Rocket League's virtual sports action. Players can buy Rocket League Crates and Keys at the store.

The gallery above will tell you all about the game's appearance and the game. The gorgeous, clear character design surrounds an elliptical skating track at high speed, and everyone is scrambling to own a ball that must be played or thrown at least on the track to “score”. Put the ball into a single basket, hang on one side of the track, score for your team, or you can try to keep one or two laps to improve your shooting score. Lose the ball and recalculate the laps for the other teams. The team won by five points.

Rather, it is still unclear how the game will operate as a retail product, except that confirming that the rolling champion will be a completely free game when Ubisoft decides to launch it. Is the micro-transaction economy entirely cosmetic? We didn't see any RL Items tips that we could use in the game, so we're not going to see an "acceleration" unlock token like Candy Crush. But we also don't see the hints of the game process, only through the game and winning.

At least for now, this game is easy to play and play, three-on-three moves, around the high-speed attack and the power of the slopes, immediately attractive. Go to Ubisoft's UPlay Launcher for free download on your Windows PC and try Roller Champions for yourself between June 14th and June 14th.

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