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If you are a Sage 50 2019 user and you have come across the issue where your Sage software has stopped working, the first thing that you would have to understand is the reason behind encountering this malfunction. This way you would be able to troubleshoot the issue efficiently. When you face this problem, you would see the message ‘Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working’ or ‘Sage 50 has stopped working’. This error may also be displayed as ‘System error 21’. When you come across such an issue, you would have the option of contacting the sage customer service to avail more information regarding the matter.

Probable outcomes of this issue

When you face this issue, there could be some likely outcome of this issue as well. When you encounter this issue, the malfunctions that you would have to face are as given below:

·        You would face the unexpected shutdown of the program.

·        The installation of the software/program would fail.

·        You would not have the right of entry to the program.

·        The transaction that you enter would not be saved.

·        You would not be able to print the reports.

·        You would not receive any updates for the program.

·        The process of data backup would be incomplete.

The common causes of Sage 50 2019 not working

The common issues that cause the error of Sage 50 2019 not working are as given below:

·        When there is some interference by the Firewall or Antivirus in the installation process of the software.

·        When the software has not been installed accurately.

·        When the user mistakenly installs the old version of the backup.

·        When the user account control comes into action.

·        When the user has logged into the Windows account with limited access.

·        When the program denies functioning even after having Admin credentials.

·        When the data folder contains some damaged or corrupted files.

·        When the standard report file has been damaged.

·        When the operating system fails to recognize your printer as a default printer.

·        When you are using the cloud feature to run the program.

·        When the MS.Net Framework is damaged or corrupt.

Resolution methods to solve this error

Method 1:

You would have to close all the programs which are running and then restart your system to check whether Sage is working or not. If you see that the software isn’t functioning then move to the next step.

You can try and make a sample company check the functioning of the Sage Accounting software.

Method 2:

You would have to use your Admin Credentials to sign-in to your Windows and then check whether the problem is still there or not.

Method 3:

If you are using the Sage 50 US Edition:

·        Run the Sage 20 2019 using the Administrator Credentials.

·        Now check whether the software is opening without any glitch.

If you find that the issue still prevails, follow the given steps:

·        Close Sage accounting software and then right click on the icon.

·        Then move to the properties and open the compatibility tab.

·        Now in the checkbox which will appear, click the option of ‘Run this software as Administrator.’

·        Click on ‘OK’ and then further verify your Sage 50 2019 software.

If you find yourself incompetent in solving this issue on your own, the best option that you would have is to contact the sage customer service number. They would give you the best alternative solutions.


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