Madden NFL 19 Club Championship Production Heads to New Studio 2


Date & time Feb 19 '20
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Creator Bale

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“We built your studio over completely from scratch, and we’re really very happy with how it became available,” says Joseph Lynch, head of broadcast, EA Sports. “Also, bringing it house is a big very deal for Madden Overdrive Coins people. Being on campus making sure that EA employees — who mightn't have an understanding of just what we do within the competitive-gaming side — comes by watching it case has been great. This is our biggest Madden event, therefore we want to make sure it feels and appearance special.”

The Madden NFL 19 Club Championship features 32 competitors representing NFL teams competing to get a $700,000 prize pool.

EA’s Madden NFL Commissioner Matt Marcou seconds the sentiment: “It provides us a opportunity to do something in this backyard, in addition to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins expose competitive gaming more on the company in its entirety. Esports is considered one of those things where one can use all the sports analogies within the world, but, until you’re inside the studio feeling the vitality, it’s not likely to hit you for the same level.”

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