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Date & time Jan 13
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While all TOTW Bosses and Heroes will automatically gain Power-Up options within the near future, Smith was likely guaranteed a card anyway given his standout season with the exceptional plethora of Madden Overdrive Coins versions (now as much as four).

With his 90 overall Zero Chill item still running relatively cheap, users serious about using Smith to the foreseeable future can be wise to organize his Power-Up option which will almost certainly put the Cowboys’ middle linebacker one of the best at his position when it’s all said and done.

Ridley is perhaps by far the most disappointing from the 93 overall Heroes released Thursday, but don’t tell that to his Rookie Premiere owners, who automatically earn the credit card by completing his set from Madden 18.

Purely a Falcons theme team option at this point from the MUT season given his above-average speed (93) and ho-hum route running capabilities, this card felt a lot more like something to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins appease RP owners as opposed to some meta-changing alternative at wide receiver.

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