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Evan can fight by himself and struggle together with Mir as well. By leveraging those a Maple story M Mesos variety of ability controllers, Maplers can deal plenty of attack damage during conflict. With Evan's Hyper Skills, you'll see the most spectacular skills within MapleStory M! Skills like"Summon Onyx Dragon" calls on an early Onyx dragon to aid in conflicts directly, while"Dragon Master" allows Evan to ride Mir to slay creatures with strong breath strikes.

Skills are the primary features that makes Evan therefore special. But, players can also utilize Fusion Skills -- allowing the actual co-op mechanics of Evan and Mir to shine through! Fusion Skills are combo Skills which are shared between both Mir and Evan.

When triggering certain Skills for Evan and Mir, the two Skills will resonate and make strong damage to knock monsters. If you use the appropriate skills at the right times, you're activate extra Skill effects!

As the blend of Evan and Mir makes Evan one of the most beloved courses in Maple World, make certain to take advantage of their cooperative relationship. As a last special tip for Evan, MapleStory M's developers wish to highlight the value of leveraging the"Yield" Skill. The Return causes Mir to immediately return to Evan while Mir is performing a Skill -- that Skill grants Evan with a special stat buff.

Today's update (December 18, 2018) includes the new Evan course alongside Mir, bringing providing players a new level of co-op battle prowess using a couple of celebration events. Evan Burning Event -- During January 17, 2019, Evan characters between levels three -- 75 will be given two bonus levels every time they level up.

Evan Update Celebration -- Through January 2, 2019, all players will be given a special one-time thing such as Buff Pet. Evan Growth Support Event -- Through January 24, 2019, players that level up the new Evan course will receive Special Growth Support Boxes and also a Dragon Mount.

Following a ton of upgrades on its PC counterparts, Maplestory M has a large announcement of its own. Evan, the Dragon Master makes his appearance alongside having a strong dragon, Mir.

However, this isn't all, there will be a range of occasions that will assist you get Evan and Mir Maplestory 2 Mesos buy become battle-ready for some of the latest articles in Maplestory M. Here are the occasions listed below so take whole advantage of this when you can.

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