Evasion will be crucial in PoE trade currency


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Evasion will be crucial in PoE trade currency this battle, so you will want to watch out because of his Sweep, Overhead Slam and Burrow skills, because they're going to hurt if they connect. What is worse, the spawning cave-ins can result in a one-hit kill because you succumb to falling rocks, so keep a watch out or at least stock up on Life Leech in case you get lucky and can survive the assault.

The Minotaur will be tripping Lightning Barriers throughout, so be certain you have loads of flasks useful, and keep the distance between you and the supervisor wherever possible. Time your attacks and maintain evasion and The Minotaur will shortly be done for.

The Hydra

Rather predictably, she is immune to Knockback and Chill, in addition to buy poe chaos orbs both Freeze and Poison being utterly ineffective against her.

You will want to know about your surroundings, lest you get caught out by a barrage of Frostbolts as you did with The Minotaur. Make a note of the environment around you, and keep moving is going to be your best approach. Most of all, you'll need to make sure you close the space and make the most of melee and ranged attacks on your possession.

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The Wall

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